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Our motives

In DECCO International, from the first moment, we knew what we wanted when we decided to fight injustice. Looking at the socio-economic map of the world, one encounters several gray areas, where hunger, war and disease occupy millions of people everyday.

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Given this bleak picture, we decided to put our hands to work and we jumped. Hurricane Mitch, which hit Nicaragua in October 1998, was more than a trigger to lay the foundation of our action. We will work with these people first and with others to recoup their losses, to help rebuild and restore hope and dignity, for a better future.


Sede Decco


There are large pockets of poverty in the North and South. Both regions lack education for development and for citizenship. In the same way, we see that the real victims of the XXI century were immigrants who, in response to global injustice, become untiring travellers in search of a personal solution in the face of contemporary social and economic imbalances.



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