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Labour Orientation for Immigrants



     Labour Orientations a topical issue which has an increasingly greater impact on a social level. Certain factors such as "crisis", the sharp increase of unemployed persons, the phenomenon of immigration in Spain, jobs without contracts, jobs with poor conditions etc. make the figure of the Expert in Labour Orientation essential in order to plan a proper course in the job search and job placement.


 This course aims to raise the different theoretical models that underpin Labour Orientation, to take a tour of the current job market, to teach the Expert in Labour Orientation the guidelines to follow in order to orientate the collective immigrant to face their insertion into the labour market.

     The course has a very practical approach and seeks to equip the student or professional with both theoretical and basic practical tools and skills to be an Expert in Labour Orientation. .

 Course Target:
     This course is aimed at Orientational professionals as well as students interested in directing their profession in this work.
    The course can be done from anywhere in the world, since it is taught through the Internet. You just need a computer and Internet connection.


Course Material:

The course consists of:

  • Case Study beginners course

  • Theoretical and Practical Materia

  • Assessment Test

  • Final case study

  • Complementary Activities


    The course is conducted entirely over the Internet. The student will have full flexibility, since the course is available throughout the year. The course length is variable and adapts to student needs, though most end in a period of between one and three months
    The student may contact the Faculty of the course through e-mail if it is necessary for tutoring or if concerns arise.

    The course is mainly practical with the intent to equip students with the skills needed to work in the field of Labour Orientation, providing material covering both theoretical and practical aspects of labour orientation. It provides a series of annexes to complete the necessary information that the professional in this field should have.


    To register for the course please contact us by mail

    The full course cost is 60 €

    You can pay by Pay Pal

    Bank transfer to: 0049 - 1861 - 19-2110234512 Banco Santander (send photocopy of receipt)

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