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casaDECCO International defines International Development Cooperation as "a participatory action where several agents from different countries, involved in the same process, establish an economic and technical partnership to improve the living conditions of some people".


In addition to the participatory concept, DECCO considers that the entire process rests on the initiative and the desire of the beneficiaries. Furthermore, in addition to helping people in developing countries to meet their basic needs, it is imperative to encourage them to develop an activity to generate a continuous income


In conclusion, today the philosophy that determines the action of DECCO International in the field of development cooperation rests on two aspects:


Charco1. To cover the basic needs of people in developing countries such as education, health, housing and the basic infrastructure to benefit the people in these countries.


2. Once these basic needs are covered, to encourage the diversification of productive activities in these regions to generate additional income for the beneficiaries.


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