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Ongoing Project

  • Spina Bifidal
  • Health Centre
  • Food Aid

Prevention, diagnosis and care of neural tube defects

Country: Nicaragua
Implementation period: 2009-2011 (24 months)
Project Amount: 114,000.00 Euros
Co-funders: AACID, ASNIC and DECCO

Description: Prevention and care of those affected by spina bifida, as well as training of health care professionals in this field. This project works to improve the lives of children born with neural tube defects, which is primarily caused by the lack of folic acid consumption by their mothers.  This illness has serious health implications for the children affected who require comprehensive and continuing medical care.

Health and primary care centre in San Remigio, Gulf of Fonseca

Country: Nicaragua
Implementation period: 2009-2010 (18 months)
Project Amount: 106,000.00 Euros
Co-funders: AACID, SELVA y DECCO

Description: Construction and equipping of a health centre as well as provision of health care professionals.

To secure food and equipment for the San Jóse School.

Country: Nicaragua
Implementation period: 2009 (12 months)
Project Amount: 2.579,45 Euros
Co-funders: Ayuntamiento de (City Council of) Castilleja de la Cuesta.

Description: Purchase food and utensils to provide free school lunches for the students at San Jóse School.


  • ASCA
  • Hospital Jamôt
  • CE Fernando rojas
  • CE San José

APRODI: Asociación Pro Desarrollo Integral del Discapacitado  (Association for the Integral Development of the Disabled)


The Association APRODI is located in the department of Rivas in Nicaragua. Under the guidance of its President and Founder Avellan Maria Teresa Duarte, the association has worked in supporting the disabled by means of providing health care, training and education since its creation 9 years ago. Its main projects have been the construction and operation of the Special School for Special Education as well as the project to provide Construction Equipment for a Centre for Persons with Disabilities and to support its sustainability.  Since May 2004 with funding from the government of Andalucía the Association APRODI  has provided medical rehabilitation, prevention of disabilities, training in agro forestry and crafts to disabled people, while at the same time giving information and creating awareness to their families, institutions and the entire local population

SELVA: Somos Ecologista en Lucha por la Vida y el Ambiente (We are Ecologists Fighting for Life and the Environment)

proyecto selva

The organization SELVA has its headquarters in the municipality of El Viejo, in the department of Chinandega. SELVA conducts its activities in the peninsula of Cosiguina by supporting environmental and community projects for the benefit of the rural communities. DECCO International has a continous relationship of collaboration with this partner,   having worked together on two projects, the infrastructure and preservation of species, as well as two ad hoc collaborations through its program of eco tourist visits.

ASCA: Asociación Supervivientes del Volcán Casitas proyecto Asca

(Association of survivors from the Casitas Volcano)

ASCA was born from the initiative of the population in Posoltega in the department of Chinandega in Nicaragua who lost their homes and lands in hurricane Mitch in 1998. DECCO International through the joint funding of the Provincial Council of Seville is developing several projects in education, health and agricultural production benefiting the 350 families that make up the community of Santa Maria.

ASNIC: Asociación Nicaragüense para la Integración Comunitaria (Nicaraguan Association for Community Integration)

proyecto Asnic

ASNIC develops its activities in support of the population suffering from disabilities, creating awareness to the general population and caring for the people with disabilities and their families. One of the areas in which this association has been working in partnership with DECCO International is with neural tube defects in newborns which are primarily caused from the lack of folic acid consumption by their mothers.  This creates serious health complications for the children and requires comprehensive and continuous health care.

Hospital Jamôtproyecto Jamot

Hospital Jamôt is the first partnership that the Association DECCO International has in Cameroon. It is a hospital under the Ministry of Public Health, located in Yaoundé. Among other services the hospital has an area dedicated to mental health with space for up to 50 patients. The collaboration with DECCO International began in 2007 with the project of support to set 30 beds with mattresses, new medical equipment and medicines for hospital patients.

C.E.F.R.Z.: Centro escolar Fernando Rojas Zúñigaproyecto Centro escolar Fernando Rojas Zuñiga

The School Fernando Rojas Zuñiga, located in San Marcos in the department of Carazo, regularly serves about 1,000 students in the preschool and primary school. In 2006 the Association DECCO International collaborated with the centre, to implement a project of support in providing computer equipment and an introduction to computer skills, this projected benefited 432 students from 3rd to 6th grade.

C.E.S.J.: Centro Escolar San José en Buenos Aires proyecto Centro escolar San jose

The school started in 1968 in the San Jose farm house, with 150 students ranging from first to sixth grade. In 1992 the facility expanded to reach an enrolment of over 700 students. The school is characterized by its private and religious nature, and is supported by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. Currently it is a primary and a secondary school for children and adolescents, totalling about 714 enrolled students who mostly come from low income families and broken homes.

The relationship of this school with DECCO International was established in 2007, with the project of providing food aid to the school, benefiting 350 students.


Completed Projects

  • Comunidad de Santa maría
  • Escuela de Santa María
  • Others

(Socio-Economic Development of the Community of Santa María)Comunidad Santa Maria

Co-funding agencies: Provincial Council of Sevilla and DECCO Internacional
Executing entities: ASCA and DECCO Internatinal
Total Project Amount: 25,700. Euros
Timeframe: November 2006 – November 2008

Situation: Delivered to beneficiaries

The project ¨Economic Development Model¨ assured the creation of an agricultural cooperative in the community of Santa Maria, benefiting 350 families. It provided the community with an organization to ensure, through the production of pelibuey, pig rearing, citrus fruits and beans, an income for reinvestment in social projects. In the same way the project helped to increase the purchasing power of the community through employment and the sale of plant products and meat. The project used fields of fertile land belonging to 25 families in the community and included their active participation in the management of the cooperative and agricultural production. Another component of the project itself was the reforestation of 113 fields of the community with the following trees: Leucaena, Madero negro, Yellow Acacia, Cedar Real, Pochote and Laurel.

Ampliación de la Escuela de Santa María Escuela Santa Maria

Co-funding agencies: Provincial Council of Seville and DECCO International
Executing entities: ASCA and DECCO International
Total Project Amount: 42,000. Euros
Timeframe: August 2007 – November 2008

Situation: Delivered to beneficiaries

The project ¨Expansion of the school in Santa María¨ constructed a building of 192 mts. ² with 6 divisions and the installation of equipment and furniture including  200 student desks (40 desks for each classroom), 5 meter type desks for each classroom, 5 boards (3 X 1.5 meters each), 30 metal chairs, 3 desks, and 3 metal filing cabinets. Following the original proposal this project included the involvement of a corps of 10 teachers from the Ministry of Education to ensure the training of young people after the expansion of the centre. It is important to stress that the project benefited 551 families from 3 communities in its entirety; 350 families in Santa Maria , 169 families in El Tanque and 32 families in Betania. Among these communities there were 200 youth, who had to travel between 12 and 32 kms to the municipalities of Chichigalpa, Quezalguaque and Posoltega, in order to receive secondary education.

Apoyo a la continuidad del CEDECAP Cedecap

Co-funding agencies: Andalucía Government, APRODI and DECCO International
Executing entities: APRODI and DECCO International
Total Project Amount: 88,440. Euros
Timeframe: March 2006 – September 2008

Situation: Delivered to beneficiaries

The project ¨Support for the Sustainibility of CEDECAP¨ faced the need to provide continous health care, medications as well as rehabilitation and occupational therapy for the disabled young people in the Department of Rivas. It was also necessary to addressee the social problems faced by the disabled and their families in the area which are the lack of sufficient attention to ensure the development of their capabilities and in the same manner to ensure their integration into the workplace. It was imperative to consolidate assistance efforts to this population that is marginalized due to its low-income families and a lack of opportunity, resulting in a of lack of resources from the departmental and municipal authorities. In regards to the economic situation, the project completed the construction of a bicycle and wheelchair repair centre, a parking lot for impounded vehicles to lease to the local police, as well as equipping a bakery. The aim of this is to provide, as we emphasize, the training of the beneficiary population as well as the sale of products and services, thus ensuring a continued income for the operation of the centre.

Other projects completed in previous years (more information available from the main office)

  • Support for Mental Health patients in Central Africa, Cameroon. 2007

  • Support for Health Centre in Santa Maria, 3rd phase, Nicaragua, collaboration with ASCA. 2007

  • Support for Health Centre in Santa Maria, 2nd phase, Nicaragua, collaboration with ASCA. 2006 2007

  • Acquisition of a computer training laboratory at the School Fernando Zuñiga, Nicaragua. 2006.

  • Support for the Health Centre in Santa Maria, 1st phase, Nicaragua, collaboration with ASCA. 2005-2006.

  • Construction and equipment of a Training Centre for people with disabilities en the Departament of Rivas, Nicaragua 2004 2006.

  • Conservation of marine turtles, Nicaragua, collaboration with SELVA. 2004-2005.

  • Training of the association Survivors of the Casitas Volcano (ASCA), Nicaragua. 2004-2005.

  • Community development to improve the quality of life in the village of Aserradores, Nicaragua, collaboration with SELVA 2003 2004.


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